About Me

Mrs. Kaitlyn Mallia

Room:  514


Hello! I am a very positive and energetic person who absolutely loves to teach!! I am forever growing and changing with my students to be the best teacher for them that I can be. :) My hobbies include going out to brunch with my husband or girlfriends, working out to stay healthy and happy, going to flea markets when the weather is nice, baking, cooking, working on do-it-yourself projects, enjoying time with family and friends, and many many more. 

My husband and I have known each other for nine years and have been married for two. We have many memories together and enjoy every minute we spend together. We love to go on tropical vacations when we get the chance, but the times that we spend relaxing at home for an entire weekend are just as enjoyable. 

I enjoy being creative; not just in my personal life when trying out a new recipe for cupcakes or muffins or trying to make a wreath out of a pool noodle to hang on my front door, but also in my professional life when researching and creating lesson plans and activities that engage, motivate and most importantly teach my students new and exciting things. I love when my students are excited by how much fun it can be in my classroom to learn something new!