Welcome to Speech!

2018-19 School Year

I returned to the Horbelt School before the break and am so happy to be back with the students doing what I love to do!

I am anticipating a year of teamwork; working together with you and your child’s teacher towards your child’s speech goals.
The following information is for Speech Only students who are working exclusively on articulation of speech. 

Folders: Each student received a folder with a note indicating his/her speech day(s). Please ensure that your child brings his/her notebook to school on the scheduled day for speech.

Schedule: Each student has a set schedule when he/she attends speech session(s) each week. Every effort is made to keep the schedule consistent, yet please understand that circumstances may arise that cause me to reschedule a session.
**The first week of each month is an "Indirect therapy" week in which the Speech Department administers evaluations, attends meetings, writes reports etc. Missed sessions are also made up during this week. Your child may or may not receive services that week, but will still receive the appropriate amount of therapy noted in the IEP. 

Homework: 'Speech-Only' students who are specifically working on articulation of speech will receive weekly homework in his/her new speech folder. Please ensure that your child completes the homework at least once (or more!) before the next speech session. Homework consists of a quick activity and should not take more than a few minutes to complete. Homework encourages collaboration between home and school, carryover outside of the speech room and helps increase speech intelligibility. Please ensure that homework is signed so your child can earn a sticker on his/her chart. Five stickers earns a prize. Three uncompleted homeworks will results in contact home. 
**Please note that during the 'indirect therapy' week, homework may or may not be provided.

Communication: Please remember that information from you regarding your child may be important and can assist me while providing therapy. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns throughout the year!

I am anticipating a successful year with your child!