Below are some fun and educational links about Math.

Addition and Subtraction
Tic Tac Toes Math Facts
Mad Minute Math Challenge
Addition Matho
Addition Machine
Math Baseball
Subtraction Tic Tac Toe
Subtraction Machine
Alien Addition
Minus Mission
Math Fact Practice
Addition Timed Test 
Subtraction Timed Test

Numbers and Patterns
Give the dog the bone-100 Chart Game
Pattern Mania
Pattern Quest
Number Cracker
Greater than or Less than
Odd or Even

Telling Time: Hour and Half Hour
Telling Time
Stop the Clock
Willy the Watchdog
Stop the Clock: Match Words


Math Shapes
Lines of Symmetry
Illustrated Lines of Symmetry
Matching 3D Shapes
Triangle Sort
Polygon Matching
Quadrilateral Sort

Bowling for Fractions
Pizza Party Fractions
Fraction Race
Cross the River
Fraction Matching
Fraction Flags

Teddy Bear Measurement
Measure It
Length Strength: Centimeters
Can you fill it?
Adam Ant Perimeter

Place Value
Place Value Puzzler
Rags to Riches Place Value
Gamequariem: Place Value Games
Catch Ten (base ten blocks)
Tens and Ones

Problem Solving
Kids Word Problems
Word Problem Solving Strategies
Math Cats Story Problems 1
Math Cats Story Problems 2

Math Websites
1st Grade Math Builders
Math Magician
A+ Flashcards
Math Dictionary