Parents Place
Dear Parents,

Welcome to my website!  I am very excited to be your child's third grade teacher this year and I am looking forward to a wonderful year.  Here is some important information that you can refer to regarding my classroom, as well as any rules or procedures that are established.  If you have any questions/concerns at any time during the year my door is always open.  I believe in open communication with you and your child.  I welcome all concerns, ideas, and feedback that affect your child or my classroom. 
~Mrs. Helm
Every Tuesday, folders are sent home with your child's work inside.  Please look over the work that your child has completed, sign the envelope and have your child return it back to me by Friday. I also include a weekly report inside the folder letting you know how your child is doing in class with behavior and academics.  I also like to include test reminders and any other important information as well.  If your child receive's a grade below a 70% on any paper I will write "Please sign and return" on the front.  Once it is signed by a parent and returned back to me I will initial it and send it back home to you.  This is for you to be aware of your child's low grade.  If you have any concerns or questions about any of the work being sent home contact me immediately. 
Homework and Assignments
 Each student is given a homework planner in the beginning of the year donated by our P.T.A.  I will be working very hard with the students to get them into a routine of writing down their homework each day in their homework planner.  Please check your child's planner for their assignments, tests, quizzes, or projects that are due.  Homework is 10% of your child's final grade and it is important that they complete homework each night to keep up with the daily lessons.  As we all know life can be full of unexpected emergencies.  Please contact me immediately if an emergency occurs.  I understand children can become frustrated with homework, I always tell them to TRY THEIR BEST! I will always go over it the next day to ensure understanding. 
Classroom Behavior
Being respectful of your classmates and your teacher is very important.  I believe that following our class RESPECT rules(Responsible, Eager to learn, Stay on Task, Positive attitude, Encourage others, Care for your belongings, Try your best) is going to help make your child a successful 3rd grader.
Birthdays are always fun to celebrate in the classroom.  If your child plans on bringing in a birthday treat please send in a note and let me know when the treats will be coming in, especially if your child's birthday falls on a weekend or a holiday. Please be aware of how many students we have in our classroom and of any allergies.  If you are not sure what is allowed please stop by the Nurse's office for her to check it for you.  If the birthday treat requires any utensils, napkins, plates, cups etc. it would be greatly appreciated if you sent them in along with the treat. 
If at any time your child is not riding the bus please call, email, or send a note in with the child. 
Tests/Projects- 55%                                                      A  93%-100%                   
Classwork/Quizzes-35%                                                 B  85%-92%
Homework/Effort- 10%                                                  C  75%-84%
                                                                                   D  70%-74%
                                                                                   F  Below 70%
I am always here for your child, and they are always welcome to come see me during lunch/recess for extra help.   They may come up to complete makeup work, tests, quizzes, classroom projects, or even to study!