Class Cash
$ Class Cash $


Students will be able to earn class cash throughout the school year.  There are many different ways students can earn their class cash.  One way is to follow our class RESPECT rules:  Responsibility, Eager to learn, Stay on task, Positive attitude, Encourage others, Care for your belongings, and Try your best.  Other ways can be anything from handing in homework on time, all around good behavior, listening, and following directions.  Any positive behavior can be rewarded with class cash!  Students will be responsible to keep their class cash in their account (cash envelope). They can save up their class cash and “cash” it in to Mrs. Helm for the following 3 prizes!

$5.00- Candy Jar

$10.00- Treasure Box

$15.00- Homework Pass

Students want to make sure they are careful with their class cash because they can be “fined” for any type of negative behavior.  If they are fined they can have 25¢, 50¢, or $1.00 debited from their class cash account and will have to earn it ba