First Grade Curriculum

Social Studies Curriculum

Communities, Leaders and Community Helpers

Rules and Laws

We Love Our Country

The Beginning of America

American Symbols

Holiday’s and Heroes

Our Changing World

People in the Past

Exploring changes in schools, communities and transportation

Science Curriculum

Engineering Design

Waves: Light and Sound

Our Earth: Patterns and Cycles

Plants and Animals



Math Curriculum

Addition and subtraction problems within 20

Place Value to hundreds

Attributes of two and three dimensional shapes

Time to the half-hour

Represent and interpret data

Comparing Lengths

ELA Curriculum

Poetry, fantasy, folktale, realistic fiction, non-fiction

Main idea, details, characters, and setting

Informational text


Syllables and phonemes

High frequency sight words

Narrative, expository, and persuasive writing

Capitalization and punctuation

6+1 Writing Traits