Daily Five


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We will be following the structure of the "Daily 5" in our ELA classroom.  Students will be given the opportunity to choose the activities they would like to focus on for that day. 

The Daily 5 is made of five components:

1.  Read to Self - Students will read a book of their choice independently and complete a "Reading Response" activity.

2.  Read to Someone - Students will read a book of their choice with a partner and complete an activity to show understanding.





3.  Listen to Reading - Students will be given an opportunity to listen to stories in our listening center.  

4.  Word Work - Students can choose to work on a variety of activities to help improve their spelling skills and increase their vocabulary. 

5.  Work on Writing - Students have an opportunity to continue to practice their writing skills. 


Students are encouraged to have a variety of choices to read based on their current purpose for reading.