Discipline System

This year, we will be using a classroom management tool called Class Dojo. Class Dojo is a internet based program which allows teachers to track students’ behaviors, both positive and negative easily and efficiently. The program is points based. Students can be given positive points for being polite, working as expected, being respectful, participating, or working hard. Points can be taken away if students are off task, talking out, or unprepared. They can also visit our classroom Dojo store where they can cash in points for rewards such as toy box, teacher's chair for the day, use a pen, seat swap, etc.


Students and parents will both have an access code to log on to the website. You will be able to see how many points they have, check positive notes and which negative behaviors they need to work on. Students are very supportive of one another, and each child has the privacy of their own log in. This allows for those that may have negative behaviors, to not feel publicly embarrassed.