Curriculum Information:
·       Our district uses Wonders.  E.L.A. will be used based upon the balanced literacy model.
·       Close Reading
·       Read Aloud
·       Shared Reading
·       Guided Reading
·       Independent Reading
·       Word Study
·       Modeled/Shared Writing
·       Interactive Writing
·       Independent Writing
Social Studies / Science
·       These subjects are taught in themes throughout the year by using hands on experiments and activity based methods. Content reading, thinking, and research skills are taught and literature is often used to enhance the study of certain units.
·       Our Social Studies program by Harcourt School Publishers is broken down into  Communities Around Us, Communities and Geography,
Communities Over Time, Citizens and Government, and People in Communities.
·       Our Science program by Harcourt School Publishers is broken down into Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.
·       Go Math is the  math curriculum we will be using.
·       The students will do hands-on activities, games and assignments. Students will work independently while the teacher meets individual needs through whole-group and small-group instruction, as we'll as one-on-one.  We also take weekly tests for multiplication math fact practice.
·       Homework will be given daily in addition to studying math facts.