Performing duties as a Safety Patrol Officer in a responsible manner is vital to the safety and well-being of all students.  Failure to take the Safety Patrol Officer's duty seriously could warrant a removal from the patrol.
  1. Students consistently tardy or absent will automatically be placed on probation for 1 week.

  2. If a student fails to perform his/her duties assigned they will receive a verbal warning.  Continued issues will result in written warnings (up to 3 warnings), or dismissal from the safety patrol.

  3. Patrol officers who do not follow the guidelines when serving duty posts or dealing with students and staff will receive up to 3 verbal warnings, and possible dismissal from the safety patrol.

  4. Students who are not showing effort in their studies will receive a warning.

  5. Behavior issues that warrant a referral or a visit with the principal may result in removal or suspension from safety patrol.  Dr. Saxton can have the final say of the dismissal of safety belt.

  6. After a safety receives the 3rd warning, student will lose safety belt.


If a student receives a warning, a copy of the warning letter will be sent home explaining why that student received the warning.  This letter NEEDS to be signed and returned.  The letter will remain on file throughout the year whether it's signed or not.

A copy of the warning letter can be located here:
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