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Welcome New Horbelt Singing Dolphins!


As a way to celebrate their first year at Horbelt coming to a close, the entire Kindergarten is coming together to perform their first ever show. They have been working hard with the help of myself and the classroom teachers to put on a show celebrating all things patriotic! Here's to the Red, White and Blue!  Please use the links below to help your child practice for the show. Sing the songs with your child at home to help strengthen their musical connection.

02 Oh, I Love America.m4a

02 Thank You To Our Veterans.m4a

07 Camptown Races.m4a

03 You're A Grand Old Flag.m4a

06 Yankee Doodle (Song).m4a

15 Stars And Stripes Forever, The.m4a

03 March Of The Wee Americans.m4a

The week before Thanksgiving and our winter break, we come together as a school. During that time, we celebrate the time of year and the holidays that are still to come. Part of that celebration involves music. Below you will find songs listed for both events please use this as a tool to review these songs with your child.

Whacky Gobbler.m4a.mp3

We Will Jingle.m4a.mp3

Dear All Kindergarten Parents,

My name is Ms. Sawall and I am your child's music teacher. On this page, you will find classroom information & musical materials your child is learning. Your child has music once a week which means that over the course of a school year, I see them only 30 times.

Please visit this page often during the school year, as a way to stay informed & involved with what your child is learning in music. Music has proven over the test of time to help boost moral, attitude and academics. Let's have a great musical year!

Ask Me's are questions parents can ask their child each week to help them stay informed as to what their child is learning in music.


How was music class? What was your favorite song? Can you sing some of it for me?