Welcome 4th & 5th Grade Chorus Members

Dear All Chorus Members,

On this page, you will find all information you need in order to prepare for your upcoming concert. Our concert is May 18th at 7pm. All members most arrive no later the 6:30pm on May 4th to the music room. Our theme this year is, Spooky Night so all members are encourage to wear a costume that is "Spooky!"

The Costume Should NOT:
     1. Cover the face. (No masks)
     2. Have dripping blood.
     3. Involve any type of props. (Students will need their hands.)
     4. Have uncomfortable shoes.

The Costume Can include:
     1. Face paint (That is school appropriate.)
     2. Sneakers and comfortable clothing.

Please click on the links below to help you practice for the Art and Music Show. (If you need copies of the music, grab one from the folder outside the music room door.)

Spooky Night.m4a

Up The Creaky Stairs.m4a

Zombie Style.m4a

Haunted Piano

Whacky Ogre.m4a

Scarin' Alive.m4a

Part 1 Nightmare Before Christmas (This Is Halloween).m4a

Part 2 Nightmare Before Christmas (What's This).m4a

Part 3 Nightmare Before Christmas (Kidnap Mr. Sandy Klaws).m4a

Part 4 Nightmare Before Christmas (Boogie Oogie).m4a (This is a link for part of the dance for this is Halloween.)

Monster Mash.m4a


This year we have had the opportunity to work with the middle school students and staff at their winter concert to get students exposed to what life as a music student at Brackman is like. Below are pictures from our dress rehearsal and concert....
dress rehearsalconcert

Coming up we also have a workshop that will be happening at the end of the year. Students will be up at Brackman for the day working on repertoire together and getting questions answered so the transition to middle as scary or jarring. (Stay tuned for more information and paperwork still to come.)