Begin practicing Power Rock. observe repetition.
Begin Roar, note sycopation and rhythmic and tonal patterns.

Continue working on our songs, look for rhythmic and tonal patterns

The Hey Song audio file, Funkytown audio file and The Final Countdown audio file can be found under useful links. Listen and play along with it, you may also use the website, to slow the song down.

Grade 4, download songs from Essential Elements. The web address is Enter the student activation code on the first page in the book. You can now play along with the songs.
Practice, Hard Rock Blues, Play part of the song each day, and then play the whole song.

Grade 5 practice Funkytown, work on sections first, and then complete the song. Under useful links, download the file( Full Band Score RHLS - audio midi mp3) on my webpage, and play along with the song. To slow the song down go to load the song file and slow it down between 80, and 90% and play along with it.
Begin, The Final Countdown.
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