10/27/17, 11/20/17
Grade 4  Essential Elements, number 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, Begin 14
Grade 5 Continue with The Final Countdown
Tip for both grades, Always warm - up with long notes, all the notes we learned, grade 4 use the mirror, then work on one exercise at a  time, or a few measures at a time. Do not play everything in one day. Do the assignment over several days. Try to play three to four days a week.

Watch the start - up video on my page under useful links.
Memorize the correct fingering of the notes, and memorize the staff letter names.

Grade 4 Practice the five notes. Remember to use the mirror and warm up with long notes.
Grade 5 Warm up with long notes, work on THE FINAL COUNTDOWN

Grade 4/5
Blow into mouthpiece to get sound, check your embouchure in the mirror.
Assemble the instrument and place mouthpiece in instrument and make long sounds.

Grade 4/5
Watch start up video on my webpage.
Say staff letter names three times.

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