Class Grading Policy

In class, the students will receive the following grades.  This should help you understand what each grade represents. 

-Outstanding- the student went above and beyond successfully completing all aspects of the assignment

S-Satisfactory- all aspects of the assignment were successfully completed

N-Needs Improvement- few aspects of the assignment were completed accurately

U-Unsatisfactory- hardly any aspects of the assignment were successfully completed

*Please do not translate these grades to the traditional A, B,C,D,F letter grades. The letter(s) earned simply indicates the student's success in completing the assignment(s).

*The goal of the class is for students to learn the material, not earn a grade. As a result, any student who earns an "N" or lower MUST redo the assignment within a three day period. Once the assignment has been resubmitted, the new grade will be the standing grade.