About Mrs. Lintner
All About Mrs. Lintner
Afraid of birds
Brandon is my youngest son who wrestled at Rider University
Christie is my daughter-in-law and is a nurse!
Don is my oldest son who is a Social Studies teacher and a Head Wrestling Coach!
Enjoys going to the beach
February 27th is my birthday
Go Giants!!
Honda CRV is my car
I have 3 sons
Jammer is my german shepherd (she's a cutie that LOVES to play!)
Kevin is my middle son and is a Jets fan!
Little Egg Harbor is where I live
My mom was my gym teacher when I was in elementary school!                        
New York is where I grew up                                                                                          
On time always
Pizza is the best food ever!!!
Quiet walks are relaxing
Really loves to teach
St. Thomas Aquinas College is where I graduated from
Teaches 4th grade
Usually has lots of family cookouts
Visited Greece as a little girl
Watching my son's cat for him...Meah
Xtra animals my sons brought home from college (Bailey and Lucy)
Yankees is my favorite baseball team!
Zumba is fun to do.