Classroom Policies and Code of Product

Absences -- A student will have one day to make up work for each day he or she is absent. Remember, a lot of what happens in the classroom is the experience. Paperwork does not make up what is missed in the classroom. 

Cell Phones -- Are not to be seen or heard in the classroom. All confiscated cell phones will need to be picked up by a parent as indicated in the Barnegat Student Handbook.

Cheating -- WILL NOT be tolerated and will result in an automatic "F" on the assignment.  If students are talking during a test or quiz, it may be considered cheating.


Bathroom -- The pass can be used at any time except when the teacher is instructing or if someone else is out. Excessive use will be limited. 

 Books -- Reading is the best way to improve performance in all subject areas. Students should have a book to read at all times. Books may be checked out from our class Library, during book exchange, or from the public library.


Classroom Library -- Sign out the books, enjoy them, take care of them, and return them within a reasonable amount of time so others can use them as well.


Code of Conduct -- Students are expected to act as role models.  See our "Code of Conduct" via this link Code of Conduct


Electronics / Digital Devices -- A Kindle or Nook is acceptable for reading purposes only. Parents must send a note stating that lost/stolen devices are not the school/teacher's responsibility.


Email -- For me, this is the easiest and fastest way of communication. Feel free to email me at any time of the day at; You can also contact me via Class Dojo 


Class  celebrations -- All parties and celebrations must be earned by the class as a whole.  The class will receive play money for acts of kindness and good behavior. Once the class has earned enough money, the party planning begins!


Homework/ Assignment Pads -- Homework is due the next day unless specified.  Students are responsible for writing down and completing all homework.  Develop a system that helps you and your child communicate regarding homework.


Late Work -- Ample time will be given for all assignments.  Assignments that are one day late will receive 50% credit.  Assignments that are two days late will receive 0 credit.  


Snacks -- The brain can't focus when thinking about food, or at least in my case!  Sometime before lunch, students will be allowed a 10 minute snack break.  Please keep these snacks as healthy as possible.


Grades -- The grading percentages can be viewed by clicking this link Grading Percentages

In addition to the policies set by the Barnegat Township Schools, I expect our class to behave in an appropriate manner both in and out of the classroom.  Our class code of conduct is focused around five major themes: