School Supplies
Here are some suggestions on what your child might need for Third Grade:
-Pencils/eraser tops
-Dry erase markers and eraser (or old,used rag or sock)
-Crayons, Markers, or Colored pencils
-Glue stick or glue bottle
-2 notebooks or a binder with dividers for Science and Social Studies
-1 Homework/Take home folder
- I will be asking the students to cover their textbooks, they may use book socks (size extra large or jumbo) or cover them with paper, whichever they prefer.  The students will have a total of 4 textbooks.
Please make sure your child labels all of their belongings!  I do have supplies in my room that the children are more than welcome to use in addition to what they have, if you have a problem getting anything please let me know!