Library Policies

Media Center Policies


Check Out:

Every week students are permitted to check out books as long as they do not have any overdue books on their account.  Students in Grades 1 through 5 can check out two books.  Kindergarten students can only check out 1 book weekly.  Books must be returned or renewed weekly in order to get a new book. 


Fines and Overdue Books:

Students are not fined if their books are overdue; however, they are not permitted to check out new books if their account has an overdue book.  Notices are sent home explaining the title of the book, date it's overdue and price.  If at anytime, a book has been overdue for 5 weeks, students will keep their library books in the classroom. This will help students with responsibility.  If students are inconsistent with bringing their books back on a weekly basis, they will need to keep their books in school.


Lost and Damaged Books:

Students and their families are financially responsible for any lost or damaged books that are beyond repair.  Please keep all books safe from food, drinks, pets, weather and small children. The number one reason why books get damaged is from open drink bottles in backpacks.  Please be careful when placing library books in backpacks with drink bottles or lunch boxes.  If you know if any book is lost or damaged, please notify me as soon as possible.  Lost and damaged books must be replaced in order for students to check out future books.  If a student returns more than one damaged book, ALL books checked out from our library will remain in the classroom to prevent future damaged books.


Computer Use:

We use Chromebox computers in the media center.  Students are assigned to a computer for the school year, and will use the computer as part of the library curriculum.  All students (including kindergarten) have a student username and password to access the computers.  Since the Chromebox is like a chromebook, they only operate on the internet. All internet usage is monitored, and students are permitted to use websites that are approved by the district.  Inappropriate usage of the library computers will be brought to the principal's attention.