Welcome to Mrs. Beverley's 2nd Grade Class Information
Teacher:  Mrs. Karen Beverley
Room 514
Email Address:
School Telephone Number  609-660-7500
Robert L. Horbelt Elementary School

SPECIAL Schedule

MONDAY-   Computers with Mrs.  Harris
TUESDAY –  Art with Mrs. Tynan
WEDNESDAY – Informational Technology with Miss Brown
THURSDAY –  Gym/Wellness with Mr. Valliez.  Please make sure to wear sneakers. FRIDAY-  Music with Miss Sawall

Daily Routine;

ELA Community Circle Lunch/Recess
Science/Social Studies

Classroom Rules:

“I CAN” be a Bucket Filler:)
Be prepared to work.
Follow directions.
Be a good listener.
Treat others with respect.
Keep my hands and feet to myself.
Always do my best.
Raise my hand when I wish to speak.
Please note:  I will go over our classroom rules at Back-To-School Night.

Student Responsibilities:

*Come to school with a smile and ready to learn!
*Keep your desk neat and organized.
*Follow school/classroom rules.
*Take notes/papers home and bring back to teacher if necessary.
*Tell your family about your day at school.

*Return the following items to school the next day:
***math homework/assignment log (calendar in manila folder)
***ELA homework ***reading book
***Library books (Library/Informational Technology-return books by TuesdayWednesday)
***Weekly “golden” envelopes – envelopes will be sent home on Tuesday and to be returned on Wednesday (this will be explained on Back to School Night).

Parent Responsibilities:

1. Check to see that your child has completed their homework assignments each night and initial their “assignment log”  (this is in the manila file folder)
2. On Tuesday – look over the papers in the “golden” envelope.  The papers are to be kept at home unless otherwise noted.  Please sign the folder and return on Wednesday.   Also return any work that has been completed.
3. If your child needs to leave early for an appointment, send a written note to school with an explanation of the time and reason.
4. If your child’s mode of transportation is being changed from the norm, you must send a written note to school that day.

Homework Policy/Grading

Students will use their homework folder daily.
Math homework is copied down on homework log (manila folder) – please initial each night.  The math manila folder for Math homework has already started for the school year.
Daily/Weekly ELA Homework
Homework – The District grading is  10% for homework and classroom participation (as it impacts the mid marking period and final marking period grade).  

Letter Grades for ELA/Math/Science/Soc.St.

A      100-93
B      92-85
C     84-75
D     74-70
F     below 70

O – Outstanding
S – Satisfactory
N – Needs Improvement
U – Unsatisfactory
I - Improving

Curriculum Information:
ELA – English Language Arts
Reading series - Wonders by McGraw-Hill. ELA will be based upon the balanced literacy model.
Balanced Literacy includes:
Read Aloud
Shared Reading
Guided Reading
Independent Reading
Word Study
Modeled/Shared Writing
Interactive Writing
Independent Writing
Center Activities

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting – this handwriting instruction will guide students with a step-by-step process for learning legible handwriting skills which are a vital literacy skill.

Go Math – will help students engage with standards and practices in new ways.   Go Math reflects “focus”, “coherence” and “rigor” which is in the heart of the Common Core Standards.
Students will have new math facts each week and quiz will be given on Friday.
The children will learn strategies for solving math story problems.
Your child will write math homework on the “calendar” in their “manila folder”.  Math homework will be assigned Monday - Thursday.

Social Studies/Science:
These subjects are taught in themes throughout the year by using hands on experiments and activity based materials.  Content reading, thinking and research skills are taught and literature is often used to enhance the study of certain units.
Social Studies units include:  Governing The People, The World Around Us, People Long Ago and A World of Many People.

Other Information

Homework assignments will be given Monday-Thursday.  Your child’s homework will include ELA and Math.  Other assignments that will be sent home are a review of materials taught in class and should not take long to complete.  Turning in homework assignments (on time/daily) will be part of your child’s responsibility grade on their report card.

Student Absences:
When a student is absent, their homework and assignments will go home with them on the day that they return back to school.  
Vacation Policy:
If your child will miss school due to vacation, I will send missed work upon their return, unless you have requested work ahead of time.  Assignments and tests will need to be made up when they return from vacation.
Medications must be kept in the nurse’s office.  The required paperwork must be completed and on file in order to receive any medication at school.

Lunch/Lunch Money - 
Please make sure to pack lunch for your child.  Lunch may also be purchased in the cafeteria.  Please refer to the monthly lunch menu.  
All money or checks are made  payable to the cafeteria for the purchase of breakfast/lunch/snacks/etc.   Payment for lunch MUST be placed in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, Mrs. Beverley’s Class, 2nd grade.  The sealed envelope will be forwarded to the cafeteria in the morning with our daily lunch count.  Please make sure you have a supply of envelopes at home to utilize for lunch money purposes.  You may also pay online for the purchase of lunch.  Thank you.

The children may celebrate their Birthday in our classroom with a treat provided by the parents.  Please keep the Birthday treat “simple”.  Please provide napkins as well.  Please send plates/forks/spoons if needed.   All Birthday snacks should be sent to school with your child in the a.m. or no later than 12:00 p.m.  NOTE:  Our school is a “nut” free environment, please be careful with the ingredients of the snack.
We currently have 19 students in our class.
     I am looking forward to a wonderful school year with your child.
Mrs. Karen Beverley
RLHS this year:  
Battle of the Books – more info to follow
“All Star Attendance” – 100%
Reading Buddies – with Mr. Huff's 5th grade class